Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My secret in keeping myself fit and healthy

Dancing is a very good form of exercise.
"Health First!" That's my motto since I was a kid. Now, I'm on my middle age, and I seldom visit a doctor for medical treatment. My height is 5' 2" and  I was able to maintain my body weight at a maximum of 52 kgs.  I can still hike the mountains of Sagada in Mountain Province, and do hard work as well. Unlike most of my peers, I have no pains cause by arthritis nor gout.

What have I done to keep myself fit and healthy?

  1. I kept on reading about health.  I am most interested in what can help maintain good health and those literature that can bring harm to health.
  2. If possible, I eat healthy foods such as vegetables, fish, lean meat and fruits.  We go to Fast Food Restaurants only occasionally.
  3. I ate only the right amount of food. As observed, while I was younger, the quantity of food intake did not manifest on my belly, however, as I grow older, an excess in the quantity of my food intake also increases the size of my waistline.  
  4. Walking is my best exercise.  Whenever I had the opportunity, I walk. Other forms of exercise, like dancing, also helped.me. 
  5. I preferred natural medicines like herbal medicines, reflexology and other natural treatment.  On my yard, I planted herbs like Basil, Tarragon, Lagundi and others that can remedy common ailments. I also studied several types of massage, not only to help myself but my family and friends as well.
  6. I tried to minimize stress. We can never tell the effect of stress in our mind and body.  In most cases, however, it is NOT beneficial to our health.  So, I just do what I can and push out of my mind those things which were beyond my control.
  7. Proper sleeping habit was also a factor.
  8. Lastly, I believe that a positive attitude brings corresponding  effect to health.  
In all my decisions, I put health on top of my priority.  I believe that our body is like a machine with unique parts.  It needs proper maintenance to keep all its parts function on its best. A problem on one part will affect our activities.  Health first and enjoy life!




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