Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How to be freed from past heart aches and enjoy life?

All of us have painful experience inflicted by others. In most cases, we are vulnerable to those whom we love much.  Their words and actions that made us feel unimportant or those that belittle us can easily hurt us, with or without their knowledge. 

 Sometimes, we experience injustices, unfair treatment or judgment (based on our perception) from our others. The pain we experience are accumulated  from childhood to adulthood, and these are stored at the back of our minds, on our “unconscious level”, just waiting to be tickled, then the pain will resurface. This is the reason why we sometimes overact on some situations, a reaction which we did not expect ourselves and sometimes surprised us. These are our baggage, and it tends to accumulate as time passes.

To easily move on to life’s flowing spring, we need to wash away those pains.  HOW?  Forgiveness is the key and it can heal our memories and the wounds that were created by painful experiences. 

Here are tips which can help you as it helped me:

Put yourself in the other person’s shoes once you are calm. Try to find reasons why he/she did what was done to you.  Maybe, he /she did not really mean to hurt you.  If you cannot find reason to justify, lift him up to God.  Maybe he/she did not know what he/she was doing on that moment.

Forgive.  Before the end of the day, try to forgive all the persons that bothered you, that inflicted you pain and harm.  It will free you from unnecessary baggage and make you sleep tight. 

Pray for those who hurt you
.  Prayer is a powerful tool to change people as well as to realize your desired result.  As quoted by many, “prayer can move mountains”.

Forgive yourself. Sometimes, we have high expectation on ourselves that when we fail, we blame ourselves.  We sometimes felt shame for the errors we made, and for failing to meet the expectations of others.  We do not want to down-grade our level of self esteem, so this must be remedied.

Acceptance that people are not perfect.  You and I are people that have lots of imperfections.  Hence, it is within our nature to commit fault, mistakes and errors.  With acceptance, we can easily forgive.

Be free from unnecessary baggage and enjoy life!



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